Who we are

The team

The members of our team of experienced, highly skilled associates have a wide range of different skills, but all have an in-depth understanding of the charity, community and voluntary sector, of buildings and the wider economic and political and social context in which the sector operates.  Many had delivered services for Voluntary Action Islington’s Community Buildings Project, so we have a long term relationship and extensive experience of their excellent abilities.

BuildingAsset’s team can offer you a full range of skills covering:

  • Financial planning and management
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Managing change
  • Training and facilitation
  • Fundraising
  • Tender writing

We are specialists in the following fields:

  • Facilities management
  • Asset transfer
  • Leases
  • Health and safety
  • Quality frameworks
  • Customer care
  • Record management and data protection
  • Town planning

BuildingAssets also has close links with specialist companies which have particular expertise in customer care, health and safety, and legal firms which specialise in charity property.


The members of our team have a range of skills that fit together to give a complete picture.