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Asset transfer

Asset transfer describes the transfer of ownership and/or management of buildings or land typically from public sector ownership (usually local authorities) to communities (usually local community and voluntary sector groups.)

Building Assets offers expert services to ensure your organisation manages the activities involved in asset transfer efficiently, smoothly and cost effectively.  Please see Our services and you are invited to contact Janet Keighley on janetk@building-assets.co.uk to discuss how we can work with you.  We focus on helping you to identify and to make the most of the opportunities available, to overcome any obstacles and challenges, and to help you make your building contribute to your organisation’s sustainability.

We also provide a range of resources on this website to support you with asset transfer.  The majority of other resources are available free; some external resources have a relatively small charge.

Resources to help you with asset transfer

The FA asset guide to transfers produced by the Football Association.  Though about football facilities it contains information useful to other sports organisations.

The Community Right to Bid – Assets of community value, and the Listing Process.
These provisions aim to give a community an opportunity to try to buy a building or land that they believe to be important to their community, if it comes up for sale.

Assets of Community Value – Policy Statement – Gov.uk
The Asset Transfer Unit Locality

For the Right to Bid provisions to apply the building/land must be listed by the local Council as an asset of community value. Community groups can nominate a building or land for listing by their local authority as an asset of community value.  See your local authority’s website for information on how to nominate a building.

You may be offered asset transfer premises on a lease.  Guidance prepared for us by Russell Cooke Solicitors will help you understand the terms and conditions of a lease that you are offered, and the  issues that you need to be aware of if you are changing the use of the premises. See Acquiring new property and Changing the occupation or use of your property.

Further information can be found on the following websites:

NCVO. Asset transfer and community ownership

Community Asset Transfer  from Community Matters

Asset Transfer from the Ethical Property Foundation


How to make sure that asset transfer is an opportunity, not a problem.