Managing and improving
your premises

Leaving and disposing of your premises

It is vital to plan giving up or otherwise disposing of your building well in advance, to ensure that you manage the process properly and do not incur any unnecessary liabilities.

Building Assets offers expert services to ensure your organisation manages the activities involved in disposing of and leaving your premises efficiently, smoothly and cost effectively.  Please see Our services and you are invited to Janet Keighley on to discuss how we can work with you.

Resources to help you with the disposal of your premises

Planning ahead, and taking the right actions at the right time are vital when leaving a property.  Understanding your potential liabilities and rights in your current lease is particularly important if you want to leave your building. See this guidance to the legal aspects of Disposing of your property.

The Ethical Property Foundation has resources on Disposal of Property; Good Practice in property transactions


Building Assets can help you leave your building without incurring avoidable costs.

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