Legal Guidance

Changing the occupation or use of your property


When you intend to alter your property or change the occupation and use of it there are bound to be issues to consider.  These can range from public requirements to consideration of the interests of funders and neighbouring owners

  • There may be a need to review your objectives and constitutional powers, or to undertake a formal procedure or obtain consent for what you intend to do. [Constitutional and organisational requirements]
  • You may need a consent under a number of agreements that might affect the property, some of which you may never have been a party to but which still affect what can be done at the property. [Consents]
  • Town and County Planning law can include restrictions on who occupies the property, what is done at the property, and the way that it is done. [Town and County Planning]
  • It is always important to consider insurance issues when making changes to how you operate. [Insurance]
  • There are both public and private law issues that can arise with respect to the effect your activities have on neighbouring owners and occupiers. [Neighbours and the public]
  • You may well have granted rights to and in any event should consider the effect of any proposals on occupiers and users of the property. [Occupiers and users]
  • Charities are not exempt from all taxes in every circumstance and you should consider whether your proposals have any tax consequences. [Tax considerations]
  • We have a checklist covering all of these issues. [Changes checklist]