How we can help


We want to help organisations make the best use of their money and time by helping them to be well informed so that they can either do things for themselves or use professional advice cost effectively.

This website provides a range of useful resources that you can use yourself.   Some resources have been created by Building Assets and some are a legacy from VAI’s Community Buildings Project. These resources are free.  We also signpost you to good resources on external websites.  Most of the external resources are free, though some require a payment.

The resources on this website are organised around the key stages of involvement with premises, as follows:


We have recently added legal guidance to the law about building and land for charities, voluntary sector and community organisations.  See our guidance to the law developed for Building Assets by Russell Cooke Solicitors.
This guidance is arranged in five sections.  The first four cover a major stage in the taking on, running or disposing of property, and the fifth stage is an index to help you locate the information you need:

These four sections identify the key points and issues you need to be aware of when engaged in that particular activity (e.g. acquiring premises, disposing of premises, etc.)


Answers to your questions at the key stages of dealing with premises.