Using professional advice

Help and Support with Using Property Professionals from BuildingAssets.

We provide help with identifying, selecting and managing building professionals. Generally, the value of the work you get from these professionals is determined by the quality of the brief you give them, the quality of the selection process, the robustness of the project planning and the effectiveness of the project management.  Building Assets can support you with all these processes.

Depending upon the nature and complexity of your project you are likely to need to work with some or all of these property professionals:

  • Solicitors
  • Architects
  • Building surveyors
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Valuation surveyors
  • Structural engineers
  • Estate agents
  • Civil engineers
  • Accountants
  • Planning consultants
  • Project managers

BuildingAssets experienced team can help you to ensure that your relationship with these professionals is productive and cost effective.

Sources of information and advice about using property professionals:
Understanding technical terms and ‘jargon’ – see Jargon Buster from the Ethical Property Foundation
Accessing and using professional advice – see Using Professionals from the Ethical Property Foundation

Useful Links to property related websites and organisations from the Ethical Property Foundation.


We offer help with identifying, selecting and managing building professionals.

“I am better prepared for future negotiations”; “I have come away with new, specific ideas for improvements”; “I will be able to implement what I have learnt.”

Participants in our training, summer 2014.